UK Prudential Concrete Bonding Adhesive Glu for Drying Fastener System 450ml

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Epoxy-type injection-type planting glue is a two-component high-strength mixed modified epoxy resin mortar, used with a special planting glue gun and mixer.

Material: Epoxy Resin

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-Suitable for cracking/non-cracking concrete, natural stone, solid brick/masonry and other substrates, structural parts fixing or equipment installation

-It can be used under special conditions such as damp and ignorant water and overhead work.

-Epoxy resin planting adhesive has passed GB50367A grade adhesive certification, and its performance is more stable and lasting in harsh environments.

-During the injection process, the resin mortar is mixed in a static mixer, no separate mixing process is required


1. Reinforcing steel bars and screws in various building structures, reinforcement and reinforcement of building structures, and reinforcement of building structure frames and shear walls.

2. Fixation of various equipment foundations, reinforcement of railway, highway, bridge, water conservancy reconstruction and expansion projects

3. Fixing of billboards, tunnel pipelines, elevated road sound insulation boards and guardrails


1. Curing at room temperature, high strength, strong adhesion and good durability.

2. Good anti-aging and acid and alkali resistance.

3. Excellent resistance to water and other media.

4. The ratio of A and B components is wide, which is convenient for on-site operation.

5. Like pre-embedded, post-installed steel bars have superior load-displacement characteristics.

6. Good heat resistance, welding can be done after the ribs are buried.



Picture Name: Concrete Bonding Adhesive Installation
-After the mixer is installed, the first glue at about 10cm cannot be used (the glue is not evenly mixed at this time)
-Need to use a special glue gun
-The glue that has not been used up at one time can be used twice after changing the mixing head



Chemical reaction time sheet

Substrate Temperature Initial setting time Curing time
-10℃~ -5℃ 180min 8D
-5℃~ 0℃ 120min 7D
0℃~ 10℃ 60min 6D
10℃~ 25℃ 40min 4D
25℃~ 40℃ 20min 2D
>40℃ 10min 1D

Glue Using Scale

Anchor Bolt Size Hole Diameter(mm) Hole Diameter(mm) Number of available holes per glue
M12x160 14 110 28
M16x190 18 125 15
M20x260 25 170 6
M24x300 28 210 4
M30x380 35 280 2

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